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The Center for Global Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic has partnered with Lead Like Jesus to offer PBA faculty, staff, and students access to the Lead Like Jesus Leadership Academy. The Online Leadership Academy provides leaders access to digital resources and online courses to help inspire, equip, and disciple those who view their leadership and influence as a Kingdom-building opportunity.

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Access Biblically-driven and practical leadership development resources anytime, anywhere.

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For individual development, one-on-one coaching or mentoring as well as group learning. 

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New courses, videos, interviews, and more added on a regular basis.

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Click the “Sign Me Up” button, choose “individual” and click “subscribe.”

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Complete the information on the next page, including a username and password to create your account.*

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To access your account, go to www.LeadLikeJesus.com and click on “My Academy”in the upper right corner. (You can bookmark this page for future access.)

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If you run into any issues, email [email protected].

*This resource is available only to Palm Beach Atlantic University faculty, staff, and students, using your valid PBA email address.

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The 10-Minute Leader offers those who desire to grow in their influence short, powerful short-feature videos filled with Biblical wisdom from some of the greatest thought leaders like: Ken Blanchard, John Ortberg, Nancy Ortberg, Pat Lencioni, Rick Warren, Miles McPherson, Henry Cloud and more!

Course Objectives

10-Minute Leader is an ideal resource for both group development and individual development. Topically-driven short-feature videos combined with downloadable guides create a great environment for discussion or self-reflection. Every session includes:


This 5-session course will explore critical questions every leader must answer, differences between a spiritually healthy and an unhealthy heart and how understanding and embracing our identity and an accurate self-awareness will make us much more effective influencers.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide every leader, regardless of his/her life-role or position, a better understanding of:


Fear of criticism… Fear of failure… Fear of making decisions… Fear of speaking up… Fear of responsibilities… These are just a few examples of fears that creep into our daily lives and disrupt our relationships and our work. Recognizing our fear factors and learning how to overcome them will make us more effective leaders and influencers.

Course Objectives

The main objective of this study is to: