The Center for Global Leadership’s mission is to build transformative leaders.
The Center for Global Leadership’s mission is to build transformative leaders.

Areas of Focus

Serving Organizations with Leadership Development


Training Young Leaders


Affiliate Relationships for Continuing Education


CGL Program Offerings

Lifework Leadership

Integration of Faith in Leadership. Opportunity extended to C-Suite Business Executives in the community.

PBA Lead

Three course Leadership development program extended to PBA Students in combination with campus and community involvement opportunities for serving in leadership positions.

National Student Leadership Forum

Opportunity for PBA Students to travel to Washington, DC for leadership development in decision-making, values and belief systems, and servant leadership.


Recognizing a need for transformational leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University’s leaders envisioned a professional center of excellence that would impact both students and business leaders. The Center for Global Leadership was founded through the collaborative efforts of former PBA President Bill Fleming, former Provost Randy Richards, former Dean of the McArthur School of Leadership Craig Domeck, and PBA Board of Trustees Chair Tim Sotos. Sam Voorhies became the CGL’s first executive director in 2019. Under his leadership, the CGL developed PBA Lead, a transformative leadership program for undergraduate students, and also partnered with the National Christian Foundation to deliver Life Work Leadership, a leadership training experience for marketplace business leaders in the greater Palm Beach area. 

Through the dynamic leadership of its new executive director, Stephen Mansfield, its new director, Dawn Barbee, and with a financial gift from the Watson family, the CGL is poised to take the next step in fulfilling its mission of building transformation leaders. In addition to PBA Lead and Life Work Leadership, the CGL team is developing new leadership training opportunities at the university level and leadership education and consulting for non-academic organizations of every kind.