The Center for Global Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University is designed to be a world-class organization in the service of excellence in leadership. The Center has a twofold purpose—to provide leadership training at the university level and to offer leadership education and consulting to non-academic organizations of every kind.
Our unique contribution to the field is in encouraging mastery of both the best of modern leadership practices as well as the greatest of ancient wisdom for the art of calling others to their best. Thus it is our combination of the old and the new, the modern and the ancient, that sets our approach to leadership apart. We believe this allows us to cultivate leaders of skill as well as character, passion as well as time- honored wisdom, technique but also tempered souls.
Our team also understands that leaders are not created through teaching alone. We stand by our motto: “Building Transformation Leaders.” Thus, we are committed to shaping leaders through coaching, through demonstration, through on-site experience, and through life-long learning. The Center for Global Leadership facilitates all of this and more, devoting ourselves to building exceptional leaders, rather than merely informing them. This, we believe, is what creates the kind of leaders our age requires.

Our Mission is to develop a community of Christ-centered leaders whose character and competence transforms the world.


from the Christ-centered character
from within oneself


through a communal foundation of belonging, service, and support


strategically, with excellence and
skillful hands

And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.

What We Offer

Transformative Leadership

An innovative and transformative growth experience with renowned leadership experts

Holistic Development

Unique integration of spiritual development, biblically-based leadership training and corporate
best practices

Effective Application

Practical application of global leadership development for maximum positive impact and sustainable change within any organization

Collaborative Community

Connection with a community of like-minded leaders who are passionate about transformational global leadership for driving sustainable change

Leadership Diversity

Recognition and support
of diverse groups in
leadership roles, including gender diversity