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Stephen Mansfield

Executive Director
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Dr. Dawn M. Barbee

Director and Assistant Professor
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Laura Jackson

Program Coordinator
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Phyllis Hendry Halverson

Visiting Assistant Professor of Leadership
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Program Director
National Christian Foundation, LWL


SunCap Real Estate Investments

Phyllis Hendry

President Emeritus
Lead Like Jesus

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Executive Director

NextEra Energy, Inc.


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Access Insurance Underwriter, LLC

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Watson Jr.

Forterra, Inc

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Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times best-selling author and a popular speaker who leads a speaker training firm based in Washington DC. He is also a Senior Fellow of Public Leadership and Executive Director of the Center for Global Leadership at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

He first rose to global attention with his groundbreaking work, The Faith of George W. Bush, a New York Times bestseller that Time magazine credited with helping to shape the 2004 US presidential election. The book was a source for Oliver Stone’s award-winning film “W.” Mansfield’s The Faith of Barack Obama was another international bestseller. He has written celebrated biographies of Booker T. Washington, George Whitefield, Winston Churchill, Pope Benedict XVI, and Abraham Lincoln, among others.

Stephen’s humorous but fiery Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men has inspired men’s events around the world. The Miracle of the Kurds has been selected as “Book of the Year” by Rudaw, the leading Kurdish news service. As a result of this book, Mansfield has become a respected voice
in support of the Kurds worldwide.

Mansfield speaks widely about about men, leadership, faith, the power of heritage, and the skills required to shape modern culture.

He also leads The Mansfield Group, a speaker training firm based in Washington, DC, that works with top politicians, CEOs, educational institutions, and artists.

Dawn Barbee is a strong higher education professional with a Doctor of Education focused on Higher Education Leadership and Management. She has significant experience in teaching and administration in both academe and church settings. As Director of the Center for Global leadership, she oversees the development and implementation of academic programs, such as PBA Lead, and other certificate programs and services offered through the CGL.

Dr. Barbee is known for excellence in scholarship and effective teaching in the areas of higher education, leadership, and biblical studies in online and in-person courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. She has a demonstrated ability to design course curricula with transformational learning experiences and to connect with students and support their educational success. Her passion is to creatively integrate faith and learning to holistically develop students of all ages, preparing them to positively impact the world in their God-given vocation.

Outside academe, Dr. Barbee served on staff at a large church in adult spiritual formation, teaching, developing small group leaders, and speaking at retreats. She has also worked as a corporate chaplain and in mortgage banking.

Dr. Barbee’s research interests include Christian higher education leadership; Christian leadership formation; individual and group Christian decision-making; the spiritual formation of students in Christian colleges and universities; the integration of faith, learning, and living in curriculum and co-curriculum design; the role of soul care in higher education administration and student development; and the spiritual health of teams and leaders.

Laura Jackson is the Program Coordinator of the Center for Global Leadership. She is responsible for assisting with the execution of programs offered to the PBA community and business leaders in the greater Palm Beach area. In her role, Laura brings creative energy to the planning, organizing, and implementation of essential programs, such as PBA Lead and Lifework Leadership, and the daily operations of the CGL and special events. Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in theology with a specialization in creative leadership. Her experience includes leading a creative team for a vocational college based in Sydney, Australia, where she helped organize annual Christian conferences that impacted over 30,000 people. Subsequently, Laura worked as a creative director for a local church in South Florida, where she managed multiple teams, encouraged collaboration and innovation, and worked to build healthy team dynamics. Her passion is to cultivate environments that promote Christ-likeness and Christ-based leadership.

In addition to her professional work, Laura serves as a young adult community leader and serves as a worship leader at her local church. She is committed to integrating faith into her work, whether it’s through mentoring, coaching, or leading by example. Laura is always looking for ways to help others grow in their own faith journeys.

Phyllis Hendry Halverson has served in leadership positions in business, nonprofits, and ministry. She is a co-author of Lead Like Jesus Revisited and its curriculum study guides along with Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges. Phyllis served for almost nineteen years as the inaugural President and CEO of Lead Like Jesus. Equipping and empowering tens of thousands of adults and students throughout the world to lead as Jesus led.  Phyllis continues to hold the title of President Emeritus and is an ambassador for Lead Like Jesus everywhere she goes. Prior to joining Lead Like Jesus, Phyllis served for eleven years as President of the National Science Center, Inc., in Augusta GA, a partnership with the United States Army. 

Phyllis is a sought-after speaker, regularly traveling across the globe to deliver the hope-filled, love-inspired, story-laden, and deeply personal messages that pour straight from her heart. She has been featured as a keynote speaker for crowds of 5,000-plus, sharing the stage with well-known orators as Ken Blanchard, John Ortberg, Rosey Grier, Erwin McManus, Henry Cloud, Patrick Lencioni, Henry Blackaby and more.

Phyllis is now working with her husband, Chris Halverson, in Washington, DC with national and international leaders to equip and encourage them to be leaders who are led by God through the life, teachings, and practices of Jesus.