Blessing of Accountability in Leadership

By Colleen Bray

Being “held accountable” is often mistakenly viewed as a negative as if someone is to blame for a situation or occurrence and should give an account for what has taken place.  Scripture shares with us a view of accountability that is quite the opposite. 

Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens his friends countenance.”  Webster’s Dictionary defines the term countenance as, admit as acceptable or possible.  

As a child, we were taught that there was safety in numbers and the buddy system. Did you ever stop to think that this age-old practice could serve us well into our years and positions of leadership?  I was blessed with a family and friend network who not only were excellent examples of living out faith daily but also held me to it. When faced with difficult situations, it was my network of accountability partners whom I could count on to speak the truth, encourage, and point my thoughts in the God-honoring direction.  Accountability should be something that just enters into play when things have gone wrong. Instead, intentionality in whom you choose to consistently surround yourself with, as those who will hold you accountable along the way will not only fill your cup but assist you in leading a life above reproach.  Positions of leadership can potentially become lonely and stressful if we don’t choose to take the journey with others who strive to exemplify Christ in their leadership practices.  Do you walk the road alone or have an accountability partner who walks closely with Christ and will speak biblical truth into your life and leadership?  Challenge yourself this week to look for that person who can consistently be your iron sharpens iron accountability partner in life and leadership.

Colleen Bray

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Coordinator, Center for Biblical Leadership



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